Apie mus


Evaldas started farming in 2000. He was the first, who started to supply various herbs and previously unseen lettuces, such as Rucola, Romaine lettuce, and chicory. At the beginning only two people were working in the farm, i.e. he and his wife, and now even 50 people are working here, the major part of them are local citizens of Sakalai village. The farmer started his business from cultivation of basilicas and spinach. It is nice, that “Evaldo daržovės” are considered as valuable by customers and they are of high quality.



Modern technologies are used in the farm. Greenhouses are equipped with artificial lighting, computerized ventilation, temperature control and irrigation equipment, allowing the cultivation of lettuces and spices in the greenhouses throughout the year. Inaddition, lettuce packing, washing and cutting equipment was renewed in May, which helps to pack lettuces within a second. There are three John deere tractors used in the farm. Automatic watering devices are installed in the fields.



The farm has been expanded and has grown by even 80 times within 10 years of
working experience. When the farm was established its area was 1 ha, and it is
reaching 80 ha at the moment. There are 6 greenhouses with an area of 1 ha in
Evaldas’ farm. All types of lettuces and herbs are being grown in pots there
throughout the year, in winter green onions are grown there as well. Dill,
parsley, and all lettuces are grown in the fields. Vegetables are planted in
the fields by applying crop rotation and modern planting and cultivation
equipment. Since lettuces and herbs are planted with seedlings – there is no
need to weed them.

“Evaldo daržovės” supplies fresh lettuces and various herbs to supermarkets, companies
servicing restaurants, and takes individual orders throughout the year. All
vegetables and herbs are grown in Lithuania, Sakalai village. In addition, the
company cooperates with Spain and Italy.